From Fellow Kiwanian Ron Guilbert
By way of background, Susan is a columnist and a member of the Editorial Board of the Southern California News Group, which includes the Los Angeles Daily News, the Orange County Register, and nine other daily newspapers and their digital editions. She’s also the author of three books on the U.S. Constitution, including a modern history of the Bill of Rights and a proposal to replace the federal income tax with a flat tax by constitutional amendment. Earlier in her career she worked in the television industry as the Associate Producer of the TV game show, "Jeopardy!"
Susan was twice the Republican nominee for the California Assembly in the west San Fernando Valley. She serves on the executive board of Valley VOTE, the Board of Directors of the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce, and the Government Affairs Committee of the Encino Chamber of Commerce.
She wrote a column recently about President Trump’s decision to exit the “Paris Accords” and what that factually means. Knowing that the topic is somewhat “political” and realizing we try to stay away from such topics, Susan also offered to tell us about a proposed bill currently in Sacramento that will allow huge new surcharges on property tax bills to pay for storm water projects, without putting it on the ballot and letting people vote on it. (It’s coming up for an Assembly committee hearing on June 14, and perhaps we should know about it before it's too late.)